Dream Big

DREAM BIG with LouAnn Heidelberg

Even as a little girl, Prophetess LouAnn Heidelberg knew that God had something special planned for her life.  She knew that He would use her to bring healing and joy to the lives of many people.  She knew that her struggles had been many and that they must all have a purpose.  With a willing heart and mind, she trusted God to lead her through many storms and trials that would later clearly point toward her destiny.  

In September of 2010, God opened yet another door to her destiny and through prayer and discipline, DREAM BIG with LouAnn Heidelberg was born!  She is now featured every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon @ Noon on Meridian's CW Network.  She has hosted many esteemed guests such as Mayor Cheri Barry, Gospel recording artist Ray McGee,  News Reporter Andrea Williams, Mayor Johnny Dupree and many more.  She has tackled such issues as Bullying, Breast Cancer awareness, God's miracles, Autism, and countless other topics all while using this platform to encourage her viewers to DREAM BIG!  God has used DREAM BIG with Lou Ann Heidelberg to counsel singles, marriages, hurting relationships, tragedies, and family struggles alike.  She exemplifies the model Proverbs 31 woman and stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration to women everywhere.  The show has earned statewide recognition, and Prophetess Heidelberg has quickly become a household name.  DREAM BIG has rapidly become successful and is ranked among other competitive shows in this region.  With Apostle Everett Heidelberg, her husband and show producer, at her side DREAM BIG continues to reach groundbreaking acclaim!