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Mounting Up With Eagles Wings Leadership Conference
Apostle Everett Heidelberg, Founder
We are commissioned by God to go into all the world spreading the truth of  the gospel of Jesus Christ.  MUWEWLC is dedicated to teaching Godly  principles that produce excellent leaders. 
This conference is held annually in July at White Stone Baptist Church and has been successful in taking the knowledge and wisdom of God to His people and causing them to incorporate these principles in growing their ministries for Christ in all parts of the world.   It encompasses various seminars that are knowledgable in the effectiveness and importance of the "business mind" in the church. Our focus is topics such as:  Church Structure, Church Incorporation, Church Organization and Administration, Business in the Church, and etc. 
We have featured such guests as Candi Staton, The Williams Brothers, Dr. Helen Baylor, Dr. R.L. White, Pastor Joseph C. Phillips, Dr. James L. Netters, Pastor Timothy Fleming and Bishop Harold Calvin Ray.
If you are interested in attending or becoming a partner of Mounting Up With Eagles Wings Leadership Conference, please contact us at (601) 683-7082.


From The Heart of an Apostle

Apostle Everett Heidelberg is the author of his first publication, Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet!  It was written especially for Pastors, but shares with the Body of Christ golden nuggets for every aspect of leadership.  It depicts his turbulent transition from a secular job into full time ministry.   It is a story of faith, perseverance, and knowing the timing of God. 

It was released in 2008 through Publish America and is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Books-a-Million bookstores online and worldwide.

How We Survived Our Adoption Story, by Sarah Simmons, describes how you can make it through any process that may be filled with turmoil, trouble, and trials, even from the very beginning. It allowed the author to express the challenges associated with raising children, adopted or natural. It also shows the deep love of God the Father in navigating through perilous times.   Reading this book will allow you to see that all things are possible through Jesus Christ!

It is published by Westbow Press and is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Books-a-Million bookstores online.



Partnering with E & L Heidelberg Ministries

Are you interested in becoming a partner of E & L Heidelberg Ministries and helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through Television broadcasts, books, CDs, and DVDs?  Send us your inquiries as well as seeds of faith to:

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For bookings:
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Sharing the Vision

ELHM offers CDs & DVDs of our services for a ministry gift price.  We also offer Christian Literature and music.  Contact us to find out how you can obtain these powerful ministry tools which feature such series messages as The Dream Series, The Restoration Series, Repairing the Breach, The Call of God and The Power of Words, A Word, and The Word, and The Resurrection Series.



Apostle Everett & Prophetess Lou Ann Heidelberg are the Anointed Pastors of White Stone Baptist Church, Inc. & CEO’s of Eagles Vision Outreach.  They have been happily married for 35 years.  They have 3 sons, Jacques, Chris and Steve.  Apostle Everett & Prophetess Lou Ann have ministered the Word of God for over 30 years.


The Lord has truly blessed Apostle Everett & Prophetess Lou Ann’s hands.  They have successfully founded the Eagles Vision Daycare Center and completed the construction of both a new Sanctuary and Family Life Center Building.  They are also responsible for the launching of White Stone’s television ministry which airs six days a week. E & L Heidelberg Ministries airs on Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. on Newton Cable channel 13 and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Noon on CW-Meridian.  Dream Big with LouAnn Heidelberg airs on Tuesday and Thursday at Noon on CW-Meridian.  Apostle and Prophetess Heidelberg have birthed more than 18 active ministries at White Stone Baptist Church including M.O.S.T (Men of Standard), a men’s ministry and R.O.S.E (Raising Our Standards Entirely), a special ministry for single women.


In 2008,  Pastor Heidelberg was affirmed to the office of Apostle and First Lady Heidelberg was affirmed to the office of Prophetess by Chief Apostle Maxine Hall , Pastor of  Full Gospel Ministries in Columbus, MS. 

Apostle & Prophetess Heidelberg stand firmly on Isaiah 40:31, They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and never faint.”